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Investing As

Fund Managers

Creating value and diversification.

Fund Managers have an important responsibility in ensuring growth of investors funds. It can be daunting for many to seek out new investments and effectively  obtain a positive rate of return for your stakeholders. We have created a page dedicated to Fund Managers to help guide through our process and what it means to invest with Haakeng.

All investments carry risks. This is not an offer or solicitation for funds or funding. Investors, brokers, dealers, and managers are expected to do their own due diligence before making any commitments.

Preference Shares


Haakeng offers Preference Shares to outside investors. These shares carry not voting rights, except one seat on the board of directors. Preference shares receive priority on dividends over Ordinary Shares. Investors in these types of shares typically look for flexibility in selling shares  or converting Preference Shares for Ordinary Shares.

Ordinary Shares


Ordinary Shares are common stock in a company. Holders of these shares usually have full voting rights on all matters before shareholders, including directors. Haakeng does not offer Ordinary Shares to outside investors directly, but it may convert Preference Shares to Ordinary upon certain conditions or events.

Investment Process

Simple, effective, and streamlined

Interested parties should consider the following process when expressing interest in subscribing to shares in the corporation.


Anti-Money Laundering Compliance
Funds used for investment with Haakeng must meet with UK and international compliance on money laundering. Any funds from unverifiable sources will not be accepted.

Interest Submission
Using the form at the bottom of this page, fund managers can lodge their interest in sectors being sought to meet their fund’s goals and objectives.

Term Sheet
A term sheet may be submitted to us directly. Term sheets must include information on funding sources, number of shares being subscribed to, and exit. 

If you term sheet is accepted, you will receive an approved copy returned. If your term sheet is rejected, you will receive it back, along with any payment submitted.

Investors with approved term sheets will receive wire instructions from our bank in the UK. 

Why Invest With Haakeng

What makes us different makes us stronger.

In traditional markets, investors form a fund with a manager and that fund will usually hold assets or stock in an investment scheme. This requires a lot of time and money spent to manage funds and investments to make sure your investors see a profitable return. 

Haakeng takes a different approach. We work with fund managers and high-wealth investors directly who can take advantage of our diversified and growing portfolio while investors and fund managers can spend less time managing  their assets and more time creating new opportunities for their clients.


Investor Interest Form

Please complete the form below to lodge your interest in our investment opportunities

If you are an entrepreneur or seeking other services we offer, please do not use this form