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Fostering innovation and creativity through strategic investments into businesses that create positive social and economic impacts in communities across the UK and our focus regions around the world.



Haakeng seeks to be the emerging leader of new businesses and industries across the UK.

We're Just Getting Started

Our goal is to grow a company that creates formidable ability to make positive impacts on social, economic, and environmental stakeholders. We want to change the world through positive and meaningful works which afford benefits to employees, customers, clients, and communities. 

At Haakeng, we recognise our role in an ever changing world; where technology thrusts us into new industries and how that creates problems as well as opportunities for the business world. 

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Meet Our Team

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Our History

Haakeng initially began in 2016 with a focus on real estate in the UK & Europe. What we lacked was not only just capital, we lacked passion for a market that has become saturated and limited in what was to be our real calling. What emerged was a different direction; one that would transform the company many years later and create a new path which would meet our true mission and vision.

In 2020 the company began to take the reigns from an idea to a more solid business model. Haakeng's transformation placed us into the drivers seat of honing in on helping UK businesses and startups thrive at the dawn of a new economic era for the country after leaving the European Union. Today, more than ever, the UK is positioned to strengthen local businesses and add value to the local and national economy.

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