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Haakeng invest into innovative businesses with a focus on UK markets and job creation.


We are committed to creating opportunities for fund managers and high wealth investors.


Creating new funds and strategic investments into capital markets with positive future outlooks.


Advisory services for existing and startups aimed to solve strategic and technical issues for any business.

Strategic Investments

Haakeng focuses on investments into those ventures and companies which align with our mission, vision, and values, creating profit and sustainability.

Value of Services

Our services are centered around business development and growth. We support startups and businesses across the UK.

Leadership Focused

We value leadership and individuals who bring passion and ability to their vision. 

Value of Creativity

Ventures and businesses should be enjoyable, creative, and solve a problem.

Making your approach is the hardest part.

If you know a problem exists, the best chance towards overcoming it is seeking help. All businesses of every stage and size consistently need support in various forms. Haakeng is a solution to serve your needs.


Haakeng: We Standout

Haakeng is not your typical venture capital investment firm. We understand the hardships and issues surrounding startup and growth stages companies. Navigating through these waters can be the most important challenge for any company or venture.

Haakeng bridges the gap between need and success. Our investors and investments benefit from our wisdom, dedication, and involvement into companies and people which create jobs  and opportunity in the United Kingdom.

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Growth Capital Investments
IP & Technology Assets
Industry Focus
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Partnership Success


They say money makes the world go round. This is true but it doesn't have to necessairly be for only the few. Haakeng believes in working with investors of various backgrounds and budgets to create a pathway towards financial success. We are not about scanning the markets and managing your funds; we believe in putting together great ideas and companies and working with people to connect funds to expand their development and growth.

At Haakeng we are not registered brokers or dealers. We don't give tips and advice on the financial markets of those outside our company's sphere of influence. Our investments are developed under our organization and we simply put together people and businesses in a way that creates stronger and smaller economic impacts.


The old ways are gone. Haakeng is at the forefront of the future for investments. 

Investments are more than just money. They are a partnership and vision.

Our investment are 90% focused in the UK and UK businesses.

We have adopted a focus on industries which create and build the future of their market.

Our lean management organisation strengthens our ability to adapt to needs quickly and effectively.